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  • Jul042017

    ☁️ Lessons of Clouds & Marshmallows…

    Thoughts are clouds and you are the sky…Full of endless possibilities. Dreamlike, ethereal and perhaps a little unpredictable; do you…

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    Bokbo Baby & Kids
  • Jun282017
    teach good hand washing habits image

    Teaching healthy hand washing habits

    I wash my hands frequently throughout the day for the simple reason that I hate being sick. I have bottles…

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    Bokbo Baby & Kids
  • Jun202017
    Winter Retreat

    Winter Retreat: A slower pace

    Retreat noun | re-treat | ri-trēt Defⁿ: An act or process of withdrawing from what is difficult, dangerous or disagreeable.…

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    Bokbo Baby & Kids
  • Jun062017
    cold and flu symptoms little girl in hospital image

    Cold and flu symptoms nearly killed my little girl

    As snot oozes from the noses of little boys and girls across Australia at this time of year, parents and carers…

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    Bokbo Baby & Kids
  • Jun042017
    the battery doesnt work being remove from toy image

    The battery doesn’t work

    You have one too. A kind friend or relative who will gift a toy that needs a battery – or two. They didn’t know…

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    Bokbo Baby & Kids
  • May292017
    Mums need friends image of Happy mothers with baby strollers talking in park

    Friends wanted

    My iPhone buzzed. I looked down at the text message on the glowing blue screen. The words took a moment to…

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